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Common Issues Detected During Inspections

A house that looks renovated or has a fresh coat of paint may hide other deficiencies.
Here are some examples I found during inspections.

Wet basement floor

Most wet basement problems can be eliminated or reduced with proper lot grading.
Although it had not rained for a few days, we found a side room in this basement with wet flooring.  The lot outside sloped towards this section of the house.


Missing vermin screens over a chimney flue can result in unwanted guests nesting in your chimney.
There was also a need to check some bricks for repointing.


Finding some outlets with an open ground is not uncommon. In older homes, grounded type outlets are sometimes substituted for the ungrounded type without the needed rewiring.

Limited Access

Sometimes you just can't get to everything.
This storage is preventing access to windows, electrical outlets, and heating system.

Gutters and Downsputs

Inspections performed on a rainy day make some issues more obvious. As I stand at the front door, water pours out the end cap of the gutter, revealing either a poor downspout connection or clogging.