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How To Choose An Inspector

Wonder what a home inspector looks for when doing an inspection?

 There are guidelines for an inspection in the State of New Jersey, the minimum by which all NJ home inspectors MUST abide.

The NJ Standards of Practice indicate that a home inspector will inspect the home in question to identify all "material defects".
By definition, a material defect is something that affects value, safety, or habitability, therefore cosmetic issues are not reported.

2 Questions You Absolutely Need To Ask

If your home purchase is in a state that requires home inspectors be licensed, is your inspector licensed?

  • The State of NJ requires all home inspectors be licensed (1 of 29 states that require a license).
  • Before a license is approved and issued, inspectors must complete an approved course of study of 180 hours, including 40 hours of field based inspections under direct supervision of a licensed home inspector.   
  • All home inspectors must pass the National Home Inspectors examination.
  • Each inspector must have 40 hours of continuing education credits over the 2 year license term.

Is your home inspector insured?

  • All NJ licensed home inspectors are required to carry an errors and omissions insurance policy with a minimum of $500,000.

You can verify your NJ home inspectors license here:

NJ License Verification